Alvin R. Rose (アルヴィン・R・ローズ, Aruvin R. Rōzu?) is a foreign prince and in love with a fellow member of royalty, Akane Sakurada. He is also the older brother to Angelica W. Rose and a minor character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Alvin is a tall young man with slightly spiked grey hair and blue eyes. He inherited these features from his father which he also shares with his sister.


As a prince, Alvin has a very respectful manner, treating others with kindness and respect. He is also caring towards his family and other people, and as a prince, Alvin is always calm and is never seen being upset or angry.


Alvin is the Western Royal Family second son. He has a very small role in the series, as he only appears in chapter 11 in an International New Years Party, as he meets Akane after three days, and in Chapter 35 in his own palace to greet Angelica.


Akane Sakurada

Alvin is in love with Akane. He often comments how she becomes more beautiful for each time they meet, and he also has hopes and wishes of marrying her. Akane, however, doesn't feel the same towards him and she refuses to marry him.

Shuu Sakurada

Alvin has much respect for Shuu, calling him "Shuu-oni-sama". Shuu doesn't like when Alvin calls him this, but Alvin says that there is nothing wrong with calling your future brother that way. Shuu also doesn't seem to really like Alvin and often says that he embarrasses himself. Despite Alvin treating Shuu with respect, the two have a rivalry-bond, and they were seen having a small fight.

Angelica W. Rose

Angelica is Alvin's younger sister, as shown in Chapter 35 of the manga. They seem to have a pleasant relationship, Angelica calls Alvin 'onii-sama' while he calls her 'Ange', and were happy to do things like going on a picnic together. Alvin appears a bit tired and wart of Angelica's pampered lifestyle, but doesn't press on it.


  • He does not appear in the anime, even though his debut in the manga was quite early.


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