Bell (ベル, Beru?) is one of Misaki's clones, being the clone of sloth and part of her power All for One. She is a supporting character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Bell has long, unruly pink hair with reaches her lower back with an ahoge on the top of her head, and she has the same clothing as Misaki. Bell has orange eyes and is often seen with a tired expressions, or closed eyes.


As the clone of sloth, Bell is very quiet, lazy, unmotivated, and for the most part tired. She is often seen with a tired expression and prefers to sleep, which she often does. When participating in Misaki's discussions or club actives, Bell doesn't talk at all and only sleeps. However, despite sleeping for the most part, the art-club members have great use of Bell as they can draw her while sleeping. She is also very air-headed and doesn't pay attention to things around her.


When Misaki was born, all of her clones, including Bell, were born along with her. Since a young age, Misaki could control her power where Bell along with the other clones were acknowledged for excelling at their own skills.


Bell is, as a part of Misaki, a teenage girl who is the clone of sloth. Though she isn't a part of any club, Bell often sleeps where people from the art-club can draw her, which they think works well. Misaki also accepts this, since she handles her clones schedules. When the royal campaign started, Misaki's clones are brought out more often. Though Bell does participate in Misaki's discussions, she does not say anything or do anything to help. However, when Misaki really needs help, Bell will try to help her along with the other clones.

After Shuu got elected as the new king, Misaki became the student council president with her clones helping her along with Haruka as their secretary.



  • Due to her tendency to sleep a lot, Misaki sometimes forgets to "collect" Bell.


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