New Year's Eve Public Opinion Poll Chapter is the tenth chapter of the first volume and the tenth chapter overall of the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


This chapter is all about the announcement of the results of the annual public opinion poll. Just at the start, Misaki and Kanade infatuate the importance of this poll, as the one who ranks the higher is almost guaranteed to become the next king.

When the announcement is starting, Akane starts murmuring 'let my rank drop', as she doesn't want any more attention placed on her. When asked why she cares so much about it, she reminds them of what Misaki and Kanade said earlier, and that she didn't want to become queen.

The results are announced from last to first place and are the following:

 9. Akane: 3.82 million votes.
 8. Shuu: 3.91 million votes.
 7. Hikari: 5.12 million votes.
 6. Teru: 6.43 million votes.
 5. Shiori: 7.05 million votes.
 4. Misaki: 17.28 million votes.
 3. Haruka: 18.67 million votes.
 2. Kanade: 25.41 million votes.
 1. Aoi: 27.93 million votes.

However later in the chapter, the host apologizes for the mistake, saying that Akane's numbers were one digit shorter and that she actually got 1° place with 38.2 million votes, making all the others go down in the ranking by one.


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