New Year Live Broadcast Chapter Chapter is the last chapter of the first volume and the overall eleventh chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


At the start, Souichirou tells the siblings that the amount of exposure they are getting is unbalanced and to give everyone their chance to be in the spotlight, he would make them compete in teams and broadcast it as a TV program.

Souichirou then explains the rules: each member of the winning team would receive 100 points, each point will count as 10,000 votes for the election. Also, the winner can freely give the points to someone of their choosing if they so desire, meaning that the points could also be forced on someone that didn't want it. The task they had to complete was: catch the pet of a falconer that ran away the day before, then he shows everyone a photo of the man and his pet (supposedly a hawk).

The teams were each made of three of them:

At first, teams A and B were the only ones competing for the hawk. Team B tried getting in the way of Akane, who could be potentially dangerous due to her gravity-control power. Both of them were very close to catching the hawk, but suddenly an announcement was made, stating that team C managed to catch the pet, which was a cat as assumed by Aoi, causing the team to win effortlessly. Both Hikari and Shiori kept their points to themselves, but Aoi didn't want the points, so she gave them to Kanade.

Later we see the Sakurada royal family in the International New Year's Party, there we see Alvin for the first time, as well as hearing Akane mentions Angelica's name for the first time.


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