Princess's Skirt is the first chapter of the second volume and the overall twelfth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


At the start of the chapter, we see Akane entering her classroom in a rush as she is relieved she made it in time (for events that are shown up later in this chapter). The whole class, including her best friend Karen, notices something is off with Akane, she seems not to be wearing a skirt. For a time everyone thinks it is strange but doesn't say anything, especially because Akane didn't notice the problem, making them believe she could be wearing a very short mini-skirt.

Rumors of Akane being half-naked spread around the school, reaching Aoi, who decides to send a message to Akane (which forgot her cellphone home). Kanade also heard the rumors, and just to make sure, she called Akane to the Student Council President room. When Akane and Karen were leaving the classroom, the president of Akane's fan club and other boys start following them, knowing that to get to the council room Akane would need to go upstairs, which means they could get a view of her underwear if she really isn't wearing a skirt.

Kanade encounters Akane and the other people in the way, and she is the first person to tell Akane that she isn't wearing a skirt. Akane says that she is actually wearing short pants because her skirt got ripped on the way to school. When Akane lifts her shirt to show the pants to prove that she is indeed wearing something, everyone present got a view of Akane's panties and started nosebleeding (including Karen).

In the end, she borrows some pants and goes back to retrieve her skirt, but unfortunately, it wasn't where she left it.


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