Overprotective Parent is the second chapter of the second volume and the overall thirteenth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


At the beginning of this chapter, we see Kanade and Souichirou arguing with each other over leaving her, Shiori and Akane, who has a high fever, alone for the whole night. Souichirou insists on having a special unit guarding the house while they are away, but Kanade refuses, saying she can take care of Akane and Shiori by herself. Later we see that Souichirou still calls the unit when he's at the airport.

Later in the chapter, Kanade and Shiori made rice porridge for Akane, but when Kanade enters Akane's room she seems to have gotten a lot worse, part of it was just Kanade overthinking things, but her fever increased to 39°C. Kanade starts panicking and even thinks of creating a cure-all potion, and because this is something unknown, the price could be so high to the point of making her go bankrupt, but she decided to do that anyway. Akane stopped her, saying she would start running if Kanade created the potion.

After that, Akane got a little better, so Kanade was taking care of Shiori, but she hears a noise upstairs and goes see what was going on. She didn't find Akane in her room so she started looking for her and end up finding someone in their home, she uses a teaser to attack the person, who she discovers it's Shuu, that teleported himself home to pick up something he forgot.

Hearing the noise, the special squad breaks into the house and after checking that the danger was neutralized, they report back to Souichirou. Kanade asks for the phone and gets mad with Souichirou for not believing in her.


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