Election(Idol) Activities is the third chapter of the second volume and the overall fourteenth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


This chapter begins with Hikari on a sleepover at her friend's (Chika) house, where they watch the first live of the idol Sacchan, and this is where Hikari comes with the idea of becoming an idol herself. In a few days she does her research and finds out that only middle-schoolers could make the auditions without a guardian so, to keep her plan a secret from the others, Hikari decides do use her power to make herself two years older.

For her plans, Hikari needs clothes, and as Akane is too flat her clothes would be to tight, so she decides to pick some of Misaki's. She was found out by Haruka during the process and ended up telling him her plans, Haruka agrees in keeping it secret and helping Hikari.

After a lot of training, Hikari was able to get approved in the middle school audition, but when she was going to participate in the next phase (with Chika's identity), they found out she was a grade-schooler and she was dismissed. Sometime after that, when Hikari and Haruka were heading home, she was spotted by Matsuoka, an idol recruiter, who asked if she was interested in being an idol, to which she gave a positive response.

Hikari and Matsuoka headed to the agency's office, where they meet the agency's president, he and Matsuoka agree that Hikari is a rare find and it would be a good idea to recruit her before any other agency do (they didn't notice that she is a member of the Sakurada family). They try calling her guardian, but she left her phone with Haruka, which she left behind without even telling him, they also try to call her home, but she forgot it, so they ended up going directly to her house.

After getting in there, they meet Haruka, then Matsuoka and the president realizes that she is the princess, and after apologizing to Souichirou for the way they treated the princess they insist on letting her become an idol, and he accepts without thinking twice.

At the end of the chapter, the siblings are watching TV, and they see the announcement of Light Sakuraba's (Hikari's alter ego) debut, Haruka then asks Hikari how exactly she pretends to get more popular for the elections if she is hiding her identity, she freezes realizing that it wouldn't help her.


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