Tonight is Borscht is the fourth chapter of the second volume and the overall fifteenth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


This chapter starts with Borscht waking Akane up to feed him, she complains that he always wake her and not the others but go fill his bowl anyway. When she saw that there was still food in the bowl she told Borscht to eat everything first, but he didn't care and started chewing on plastic. Akane got curious as to why Borscht aways chews on plastic, so she asks Shiori to translate what he was saying, he told her that he was grateful to them for taking a stray like him, but the food they were offering was bad and even plastic was superior.

Misaki then starts petting Borscht telling him not to chew on plastic, Kanade sees this and states that she personally doesn't like Borscht, Misaki then throws him into the air knowing that he would fall to his feet, but Kanade grabs him anyway, Misaki jokes about how her body is more honest than her. Later we see Borscht and Kanade alone, he starts chewing on plastic, Kanade stops what she is doing and starts petting him while telling him not to chew on plastic, just like Misaki did before. Teru suddenly enters the same room as the two of them calling for Borscht and sees Kanade playing with him, he tells Kanade he will be borrowing Borscht and pretends that he didn't see anything.

At the end of the chapter, the family is getting ready for dinner, and are discussing who named Borscht. Akane comments about it being a food name, Shuu says that it's a terrible name for a pet and that he doesn't resemble Borscht (the food) at all. When the diner is ready Hikari asks what is the menu of the night and Aoi says they will be having Borscht for dinner, but Borscht (the cat) misunderstands this statement and run away, fearing that they were getting ready to eat him, later he comes back by the scent of the food.


  • It's suggested in the chapter that Kanade was the one who gave Borscht his name.
  • It seems Aoi's true power doesn't work on animals.


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