Onee-chan Sentimentality is the fifth chapter of the second volume and the overall sixteenth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


At the start of this chapter, we see Aoi, who graduated in high school a few days before, thinking about her future, but she is surprised by Kanade, who asks what her 'true power' is. Aoi thinks about how would Kanade know something like that because her true power is top secret and just Souichirou, Satsuki and a few other people (not including the other siblings) knew about it.

Kanade changes the subject and states that Aoi is not even thinking about her future, to which she tries to deny but she starter thinking about it that very morning. Aoi then asks what that has to do with her powers and Kanade says she just wanted to know if there was a way to change the results of the election with them, while at this point only she knows the capability of her powers she pretends not to know anything and says that nothing comes to mind.

Akane suddenly enters the room congratulating Aoi for her graduation, but she doesn't look very happy with it. Answering a question Akane has made, Aoi confirms that she will not be able to help Akane go to school starting that spring, and Akane bursts into tears. To prove that she is capable of going to school alone, Akane gets up and says she will go shopping by herself that very instant, surprising both Kanade and Aoi.

That event started a discussion with Aoi and Kanade about making Akane the new queen, Kanade's plan was the following: Aoi would give Akane support in the election, once she became the queen she could abolish the surveillance cameras or even the monarchy itself. Aoi tries to propose helping Kanade win so she removes the cameras for Akane's sake, but Kanade says she has no intention of getting rid of the cameras nor she wants help from Aoi.

Meanwhile, Akane didn't even leave the house and refuses to go back and ask Aoi for help after what she just said, so she seeks Haruka for help. When she enters his room she sees him looking something on his computer while saying something, she finds out he was looking at her photos on a site.


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