May Hikari's Chapter is the second chapter of the first volume and the overall second chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


The chapter starts with the four older siblings of the Sakurada family doing their weekly lottery to decide the shore allocations. Akane picks shopping, the only one she didn't want because of her excessive shyness.

Later in the chapter, when Akane and Hikari are discussing Akane's panties showing up on live TV, Kanade says that they both are not even trying to win the election. Hikari refuses and says that she has intentions of running in the election, Akane tries to cover Hikari telling Kanade that she is doing her best, but for her disappointment, Hikari also refuses this statement and says that maybe she isn't giving it her all. It is also mentioned by Kanade how Aoi doesn't want to become the queen.

Akane leaves the house to do shopping along with Hikari that only wanted to appear in front of cameras, but Akane insists that they are not going to appear in any camera and starts lecturing her about how trying to stand out won't do her any good. At this point Hikari sees a cat and starts following it, Akane then finds out that Hikari is no longer with her and starts looking for her.

Hikari finds the cat on the top of a tree, she tries to climb it to get in there, but she was unable to reach it, so she uses her power (God Hand) to become taller and reach the cat. Akane then finds Hikari, but when she gets closer she believes that the person wasn't her, as she had an older appearance, Hikari confirms that it's her and put an end to the misunderstanding. Before going back home Hikari makes Akane younger and exchanges clothes with her because hers was too small.


  • In the anime, the scene where the young Akane is being cuddled by Kanade was changed to her being cuddled by Misaki instead.


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