June Misaki's Chapter is the third chapter of the first volume and the overall third chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


The chapter starts by showing the Misaki clones working each for a different club, and reuniting with her after they are done with their jobs. During that time, Misaki was in an interview, and when the clones entered the room they started fooling around and messing with the interview.

Later, when Misaki and Haruka were going back home, members of the clubs started praising the clones for their help, some of them even told her how she looks like a manager for the clones, and how their sister left a good result even in their days on middle school, in the end, the girl tells her that the future of the club lies on her shoulders, Haruka is somewhat bothered by it, and though how not only the future of the clubs but also the future of the country lies on each of their shoulders.

When Misaki and Haruka are back home, Akane tells Misaki that Mashima, a former junior of Souichirou when he was in high school and also an exclusive writer for the royal family, was coming back for another interview, Akane then asks if she can leave the interview to Misaki, to which she accepts.

Misaki and Haruka enter their room and Misaki has a sudden personality shift and becomes angry about how she thinks she is useless, Haruka doesn't give her much attention so she calls her clones to listen to her complaining. When Akane calls her to the interview she refuses to participate, then Akane starts worrying about her entering her rebellious phase.

By the end of the chapter, with the help of Haruka and some praises made by Akane, she recomposes herself and goes to the interview.


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