July Haruka's Chapter is the fourth chapter of the first volume and the fourth chapter overall of the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


The events of this chapter occurred based on a bet between Haruka and Kanade. In the start, Kanade asks Haruka to use his ability to determine which store had the higher chance of having the cheapest eggs, Haruka refused by saying that he wouldn't use his ability on something so cheap such as eggs, Kanade then gets angry stating that he doesn't understand the value of money and asks him if he thinks his ability is not precise, and this gets Haruka angry in return, to settle things Kanade then challenges him to a bet: between willing and unwilling to become the next king, the one who predicts correctly which side has more members between the Sakurada siblings wins, and the loser has to make an honest apology to the winner.

Haruka chooses the unwilling side, and in the start, he was winning, but when Kanade chooses the unwilling side, Shuu changed sides and said that he would install cameras in Akane's bedroom with the king's authority, which caused Akane and Misaki to change sides to eventually.

In the end, Haruka lost and made an apology to Kanade, which told him that he only lost because he doesn't understand people and wished he would involve himself more with people.


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