August Kanade's Chapter is the fifth chapter of the first volume and the overall fifth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


The chapter starts with Kanade leaving home to attend an unscheduled meeting at the school, she leaves earlier than needed just to try not to go with Akane, which as a class representative, also had to attend to a committee meeting on the same day. In the end, Akane and Kanade ended up going to school together, even with Kanade's disapproval.

On the way to school, there was a place full of people, causing Akane to become very shy and hide behind Kanade while also holding her. Kanade asked Akane to stop holding, Akane said she would run if she did so, Kanade told her she wouldn't because it would affect her popularity, but on the moment Akane let go of her she ran away.

Akane then caught up with Kanade in an alley, Kanade asks why she wouldn't just fly using her power, and she says it's because her panties would show on the cameras. In the middle of the conversation a cat shows up and while Akane is distracted with it, Kanade runs away, but unfortunately for her, the lights were red and Akane would easily catch up to her again.

Except when Akane used her power to dash forward and reach Kanade quickly, she ended up in the middle of the street and there was a truck above the limit speed that wouldn't be able to stop and would likely hit Akane. Kanade used her power to create a wall between Akane and the truck, both Akane and the driver were safe, Kanade apologizes for the irresponsible actions of her sister, but also states that he was driving above the limits, and if something had happened to her sister, he wouldn't have left there in one piece.

Later Akane asks Kanade what was that wall, Kanade explains that it was a special wall made of an impact-absorber material, that would be probably invented 20 years in the future. Akane then apologizes for making Kanade use her savings, and asked her the price and told her that she would pay, Kanade told her not to worry about it, but she insisted, so Kanade told her that the cost of the wall was 40 million yens, much to her shock.


  • In the anime, the scene where Akane accidentally falls into the street was changed to her saving a cat that would be hit by the truck.


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