September President's Chapter is the sixth chapter of the first volume and the overall sixth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


The chapter begins with a morning assembly with the vice-president, Kanade Sakurada, announcing a town cleaning event. Seeing that Akane is really nervous about showing up in public, Hajime Fukushina, the president of the Akane Fanclub, starts moving to solve the problem by restricting the event to only inside the school.

When he confronts Kanade about the matter, she quickly refuses him, stating that Akane owes her 40 million yens and that the fan club would also benefit from such event, since they would be able to see Akane shy face all day. After hearing that from Kanade, his behavior shifts, and he accepts the event. Later in the chapter, he tells the fan club that they will partake in the cleaning for her sake and so they can appreciate the view of a shy Akane.

Meanwhile, Akane was searching Fukushina around the school to know if he was the rumored student council president, she got suspicious of him after a senior called him president. In her search, she got caught by a group of second-year students (Satou and her friends) and became instantly shy. Later she finally reaches Aoi, which confirms that the president is a third-year and not Fukushima. In the end, she didn't really understand what was going on.


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