October Teru and Shiori's Chapter is the seventh chapter of the first volume and the seventh chapter overall of the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


At the beginning of this chapter, Teru asks Aoi if he can take part in the weekly shore lottery, but his request is denied by Aoi, when he was going away he ended up hitting his elbow in a piece of furniture when Shiori asked if he was okay, Teru started talking with his arm and calling him Jackal, making Shiori confused about the difficult things that he was saying.

Not long after that, the lottery ended, and Akane picked shopping (again). Seeing that she didn't like it, Shuu offered to trade it by his cleaning duty, but Akane would have to raise the position of her twintails for one month, she didn't like the offered but ended up accepting for three weeks. Teru asks Shuu if he can do it instead, and Shuu leaves the shopping task to him and Akane would end up at loss by accepting Shuu's offer, as mentioned by Kanade.

Teru leaves, accompanied by Shiori, who insisted on going with him, and they were followed by an older version of Hikari and Akane, that was transformed into a seven-year-old due to a misunderstanding. On their way to the market, Teru and Shiori found minor inconveniences, such as forgetting to bring the shopping bag, encountering a dog barking at them, and losing the shopping meme, where Teru overreacted every time while the problems were handled by Shiori. They also found Hikari and Akane in the way, and Teru asked why those strange people were following them, but Shiori was suspicious and there was a chance that she knew who they were.

After leaving the market, Teru and Shiori came across another dog, and Shiori tried to solve the problem again, but when she refused to give all the food to the dog, the dog tried jumping on her, he was stopped by Teru, who used his power against the dog and smashed part of the street into pieces. Hikari mentions how she and Akane would have to deal with the dog's owner and also the broken street.


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