November Shuu's Chapter is the eighth chapter of the first volume and the overall eighth chapter of the Joukamachi no Dandelion manga series.


At the beginning of the chapter, we see Shuu teleporting to his seat in school to avoid being late, but was surprised to see that Hana was staring at his face and ended up spiling the milk he was drinking on her face. He apologizes right away and Hana says it's fine, but Hitomi gets angry with Shuu and demands an explanation.

The scene changes to a flashback about how Shuu and Hana ended up in the same class. Hana is seen looking at a list on the wall, there she sees some familiar names, such as Hitomi Ichijou, her childhood friend, and a boy named Yamamoto, who studied with her back at the fourth-grade in grade school, but, unfortunately, he doesn't remember her (or remember so little to the point of forgetting her name).

Hana was disappointed to see how hard it is for her to stick in someone's memories and in that exact moment, Shuu appears in front of her and remembers her to her surprise. When Shuu and Yamamoto were talking to each other, Yamamoto seems surprised by Shuu remembering Hana, and he expresses his admiration for her simpleness and the simple aura that she emits.

Later in the chapter, Shuu is seen with Akane, Hana sees Shuu but doesn't recognize Akane and that was using a different hairstyle due to her deal with Shuu (See Chapter 7 for details), she was worried that she could be her girlfriend and started following them to learn more, but even eavesdropping on their conversation Hana was unable to recognize Akane.

Akane and Shuu notice that they were being followed and make a sudden turn on an alley, Hana was about to enter the alley but by her surprise, both Shuu and Akane were waiting for her, just by seeing each other face Hana recognized Akane. Shuu then asks her the reason for her to be following them, saying that even if she was a classmate, as royalty, this was something he could not ignore.

At this moment, Hana confesses her feelings to Shuu, which feels the same, but says that he is busy sabotaging Kanade so she doesn't win the election. She says that she would wait until after the election to develop their relationship and Shuu accepts.


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