December Aoi's Chapter is the ninth chapter of the first volume and the ninth chapter overall of the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


This chapter takes place on Christmas Eve, the day of Aoi's birthday. When she wakes up and heads downstairs, she sees that everyone is working hard to make a surprise for her while pretending they are doing it for the Christmas celebration. She offers her help, but they refuse the help saying that they have enough workers, which clearly isn't the case as noticed by Aoi.

Later, Akane asks Misaki to keep Aoi out of the house until at least 4 pm, she also asks that she leave 3 copies behind to help out. Misaki then starts to put the plan in action, she says she forgot to buy the gift for the exchange and asks if someone would be free to go with her, Aoi catches the clear hints and goes with Misaki.

While Misaki was looking for a present, she asked Aoi to stand next to her so she could see if she found something that would look nice on her, Aoi finds it strange and tells Misaki that if she would pick someone like Shiori, the clothes wouldn't fit, Misaki gets somewhat nervous by this and panics, at this moment Aoi knew that the present wasn't for the exchange, but for her. She starts looking for a present that she would like and fits the budget that she thought was around 10,000 yen.

Aoi finds a body pillow that looks like Borscht, their cat, and starts giving clear hints that she wanted that. Misaki then tells that she found a glove and would be buying that, and not long after they left the store, Misaki says she forgot to buy something, the body pillow that she was going to buy in secret, and told Aoi to stay outside of the store so she couldn't find out about her present.

What happened between this paragraph and the next contains heavy spoilers, if you are okay with that you can read this part of the events on the heavy spoilers session at the end of the page.

When Misaki meets Aoi again, she didn't know what had happened, Aoi just tells her it was a Christmas event and they go back home. The thing that Aoi bought at the store was a scarf for Misaki, when she gives it to her she tells her to not tell the others about it, and that it was a present just for her.

At the end of the chapter, we see the Sakurada family celebrating Aoi's birthday, while she expresses her wishes of things remaining as they are forever.

Aoi also returns to the store to buy something, but a group of bandits enter the store with guns on hands, that's when Aoi's true power is shown for the first time (not explained, only shown). She commands them to keep quiet, drop the guns, leave and never do this kind of thing again, to which they obey all of them.


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