Chieko Shinonome (東雲 千絵子, Shinonome Chieko?) is the mother of Satsuki Sakurada and the grandmother of the nine Sakurada siblings. She is a supporting character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Chieko is a full-bodied woman with a friendly-looking face. She has quite dark colored hair, which is seen being tied to a braid.


Chieko is a friendly woman who cares for her family. She was happy to see Satsuki and her grandchildren again after a long time. She seems to be proud of her grandchildren, and especially Misaki seems to be fond of Chieko. She tends to confuse people with each other, as she accidentally mistook Haruka for Misaki once.


According to Satsuki, Chieko and her husband Daigorou worked a lot when Satsuki was younger. They weren't home much, working almost the whole day and coming home late at night.


She is first seen when the Sakurada family decided to visit the Shinonome household on New Years, where Chieko and Daigorou, as well as their children already were (Kanna excluded). Upon seeing Haruka and Misaki, she became happy to see them and Misaki happily hugged her grandmother. Chieko then told "Misaki" than she since she was a girl, she had to put on a little more meat. In reality, it was Haruka whom Chieko had mistaken Misaki for.


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