Chika (チカ, Chika?) is a minor character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series. She is an elementary school student and a close friend of Hikari Sakurada.


Chika is a young girl with short black hair which is about neck-length, and she has light olive green-colored eyes. She is of average build and height and she has a light complexion.


Chika seems to be a cheerful and kind girl. She is also very supportive, seen where she liked the idea of Hikari becoming an idol.


One day, Chika had a sleepover party, where she invited Hikari and another friend. While Hikari was thinking about what to do regarding the royal campaign, their friend informed Hikari and Chika that a newbie idol, Sacchan's concert was about to start. Chika then explained that even though she just debuted as an idol, she had a lot of fans, which immediately made Hikari interested about it. Thanks to Chika and her other friend, Hikari decided to become an idol, with the name for auditioning chosen by Chika.


Hikari Sakurada

Chika and Hikari are good friends, as they usually hang out at school and have sleepovers. Though, she can get a bit tired when she makes herself at home when she's in her room. However, Chika supports Hikari fully regarding becoming an idol, as she thinks that Hikari, her friend, becoming an idol is wonderful. When auditioning, Hikari borrowed the name chosen by Chika, which shows that Hikari is grateful for and trusts Chika.


  • She has a slightly expanded role in the anime.
  • In the manga, Chika was the one who told Hikari when Sacchan's concert began, not their other friend.


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