Daigorou Shinonome (東雲 大五郎, Shinonome Daigorō?) is the father of Satsuki Sakurada as well as the grandfather of the nine Sakurada siblings. He is a supporting character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series


Daigorou is an elderly and quite short man. He only has hair on the sides, near his ears, which are light-colored.


Daigorou is a kind and caring man, especially towards his family. He was seen making sure that Souichirou didn't make Satsuki cry but otherwise he seems to be quite loud-mouthed when happy, according to Satsuki. He also wants his daughters to get married, especially since they are in their 30s now.


Satsuki stated that Daigorou and Chieko worked a lot when she was younger.


He was first seen when the Sakurada family decided to visit Daigorou and the Shinonome family.


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