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The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings (櫻田王家の9人きょうだい, Sakurada Ōke no 9-nin Kyōdai?) is the first episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on July 2, 2015.


The episode opens with the family eating breakfast and heading off to school. Akane learns that the 2,000 cameras placed around town have been rearranged again, after she had just memorized their locations in an attempt to avoid them. On the way home from school, she apprehends a purse-snatcher. A few days later, the children hold a contest on live TV to show off their special abilities to the public, where they must gather the most stuffed toys off the roof of a building and collect them in baskets on the ground, with the loser having to clean all the toilets in the castle. Due to a series of embarrassing incidents, Akane is tied for last place with Hikari, who was stuck in a tree that she enlarged excessively while trying to reach the rooftop. That evening, Akane comments to Aoi that she would rather be a dandelion in the field than a princess and the center of attention. Aoi points out that if Akane were king, she could abolish the system of surveillance, and the episode ends with Akane resolving to win the election for the sake of living a quiet life.

Character Revelations