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Goodbye, Scarlet Bloom (さようならスカーレットブルーム, Sayōnara Sukāretto Burūmu?) is the eleventh episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on September 10, 2015.


With only a month left before the election takes place, the Sakurada siblings begin increasing their efforts to earn public appeal. One night, while they talk about Akane's inability to handle all the attention placed on her by other people, Kanade reveals that Akane used to be more sociable as a child. However, when she and Karen were playing at the latter's house one day, two burglars broke inside. Though Akane was initially able to fend them off using her ability, one made an attempt on her life, frightening her to the point where her power went haywire and destroyed the house. The attention she received afterwards overwhelmed her and triggered her present fear. Later, the siblings visit Sōichirō at the castle when his back gave out, and learn that he has a number of political matters to attend to. The siblings agree to take his place and split up the duties between each other. While assisting Shuu and Teru under the guise of Scarlet Bloom, Akane realizes that she hadn't been wearing her glasses the entire time. Remembering how she helped Karen during the attempted burglary, Akane realizes that she doesn't need to hide her identity while helping others and throws away the glasses. At the end of the day, after viewing the latest approval polls, Teru asks Haruka if he already knows who is most likely to become king, and Haruka subtly looks at Aoi, who has been consistently in the lead in public approval.

Character Revelations


The burglars that broke into Karen's house looked very similar to 'Harry and Marv' the two burglars from the first two Home Alone movies. Also, some of the traps they end up facing are very similar to as they were in the movie.