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Big Sister's Good Image / Sato's Unrequited Love (外面のいい姉 / 佐藤さんの片想い, Gaimen no Ii Ane / Satou-san no Kataomoi?) is the second episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on July 9, 2015.


Kanade and Akane leave for school to go to a student council meeting. On the way, Kanade learns of Akane's reason to become king and points out her contradiction, namely that being king would only bring her more attention. She then tries to abandon Akane for clinging to her too closely. Akane is then almost hit by a truck while saving a cat, but Kanade saves her by materializing a giant, shock-absorbent wall. Akane asks how much it cost, and is shocked when Kanade tells her it cost 40,000,000 yen. The second part of the episode focuses on Hana Satō, who is bemoaning that no one at school knows her after she transferred away for a few years. She is shocked to find that Shū still remembers her. After school, she sees him walking home with Akane, and assumes that Akane is his girlfriend, but eventually realizes the misunderstanding. Upon being confronted by Shū and Akane, she confesses her feelings for the former. He replies that while he would return her feelings, he is focused on the election and trying to prevent Kanade from becoming king, and agrees to return them once it is over. That evening, he calls her to make sure she arrived home safely. Later, Akane wonders why Shū would want to prevent Kanade from becoming king.

Character Revelations