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I Want to Be Popular / The First Errand/ Idol Activities (人気者になりたいの / 初めてのおつかい/ アイドル活動, Ninkimono ni Naritai no / Hajimete no Otsukai/ Aidoru Katsudō?) is the third episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on July 16, 2015.


Akane is chosen to grocery shopping, and Hikari volunteers to go with her. While Akane tries to evade surveillance cameras, Hikari uses her power to age into a woman in order to save a stray cat stuck on a tree. However, this results in her clothes not fitting, and she turns Akane into a child so they can switch clothes. The cat rescued by Hikari is then adopted and named Borscht by the Sakurada family. The next week in the second part, Teru volunteers himself to take over Akane's grocery shopping duties, and Shiori decides to accompany him out of worry that he will get himself into trouble. During the entire trip, Shiori repeatedly uses her power to resolve problems she and Teru come across, but Teru is unaware of this and believes he is solving their situations by himself. On their way home, they are confronted by a wild dog, but Teru saves Shiori from it. In the final part, inspired by the performance of a popular idol named Sacchan, Hikari seeks Haruka's help to become an idol to draw votes, and turns into a teenage girl to ensure she is unaccompanied to her audition. After she successfully becomes an idol, however, she realizes that her actions were futile, since she used an alias to avoid getting the job easily because of her royalty.

Character Revelations