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Summer Vacation / Online Secret / Eight of Misaki (夏のバカンス / 隠し事オンライン / 八人岬, Natsu no Bakansu / Kakushigoto Onrain / Hachi-nin Misaki?) is the fifth episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on July 30, 2015.


In the first arc, Shuu brings his siblings on a vacation to a private beach. They play a game of smashing a watermelon, and Haruka accurately predicts the probabilities of each and every sibling's success in hitting their target, with Shiori winding up being the only one succeeding after she communicates with the watermelon and it willingly splits itself into pieces for her. After everyone has fun, they realize that Shū actually brought them to an empty lot with a painted background so it would be easier for them to be watched over and supervised. The set then breaks, exposing Akane's swimsuit in front of a large crowd of people and subsequently embarrassing her. The second arc involves Haruka trying to delete images of Akane from the family's fansites; she finds out, however, and it embarrasses her further. In the third part, Misaki uses her seven clones again in order to help multiple school clubs, but in the end feels infuriated that her clones and siblings are more popular than her. After being encouraged by Haruka and Akane, Misaki regains confidence and goes to an interview by herself.

Character Revelations