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The Election and Me / My Big Sister is Sentimental (選挙とわたし / お姉ちゃんはセンチメンタル, Senkyo to Watashi / Onee-chan wa Senchimentaru?) is the sixth episode of the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime series, first broadcasted on August 6, 2015.


During the first part, the Sakurada siblings are busy with their election campaigns and the plot moves to Kanade, who reveals her reason to become the king: long ago, she brought Akane and Shuu to play at a park. When she materialized a castle for Akane to play in, it crumbled and injured both Shū and Akane. Shū was the most severely injured and it broke his leg, simultaneously crushing his dream to become a soccer player. Due to this, she has since desired to become a king in order to advance the medical system and find a way to heal Shū's injury. Meanwhile, Haruka sees an improvement in his siblings, even seeing Misaki trying to campaign for herself for the first time. In the second part, after visiting a kindergarten, Kanade comes to see Aoi as a rival and sees how much Aoi doesn't want to become king. Deducing that Aoi's ability, Invisible Work, may not be her actual ability, Kanade asks her what her true power is. Aoi doesn't reveal it; she privately muses that her true power, discovered later in life, is Absolute Order, which allows her to make anyone obey her commands. As a result, she stopped using it out of fear of being unfit to be king. While returning home from school, Aoi begins to worry that she only has friends because of her royal status, but Akane reassures her.

Character Revelations