Inari (イナリ, Inari?) is one of Misaki's clones, being the clone of avarice and part of her power All for One. She is a supporting character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Inari has straight pink hair, which she ties into a high ponytail at the right side of her head, and she has the same clothing as Misaki. Inari also has light purple-colored eyes.


Inari is calm, level-headed, and always thinks ahead, demonstrated by her skills in playing shogi, a Japanese strategy board game. When it comes to shogi, she can, as her title suggest by quite greedy, especially with the medals and rewards she receives. Inari is also always ready to play shogi whenever she is brought by Misaki. Inari has a quite "casual" personality compared to the other clones, and generally, a very kind, polite and light-hearted personality. Sometimes however, she can be quite unfocused and unmotivated.


When Misaki was born, all of her clones, including Inari, were born along with her. Since a young age, Misaki could control her power where Inari along with the other clones were acknowledged for excelling at their own skills.


Inari is, as a part of Misaki, a teenage girl who is the clone of avarice, otherwise known as greed. Inari often hangs out at the shogi-club place at Misaki's school since she is very talented at the board game, with the members being impressed by Inari's skills. Misaki doesn't mind this either, since she wants to help other people as much as possible and because she handles her clones schedules. When the royal campaign started, Misaki's clones are brought out more often. Inari participates in Misaki's discussions and often interacts with Misaki, whether it be about her personal life or about the election. But like the other clones, Inari got a bit tired how Misaki hadn't started campaigning when everyone else had and mentioned that she had it after a while and wanted to to become an idol like Hikari, but not in a very serious manner. But when Misaki really needs help, Inari will obviously help her along with the other clones.

After Shuu got elected as the new king, Misaki became the student council president with her clones helping her along with Haruka as their secretary.




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