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The Sakurada family live a normal life in a typical Japanese suburban household. At least that is what their father, who is the king, wants for them. As members of a royal family, each sibling possesses a unique superpower and over 2,000 security cameras have been placed around town to ensure that no harm befalls the siblings. In addition to that, each of the nine Sakurada siblings have been designated as a potential successor to become king, and the only way to do that is through an election.

However, for the timid, soft-spoken and shy Akane Sakurada, who wields the power to control and manipulate gravity, all of this attention is nothing short of a nightmare. With all of the cameras constantly monitoring their activities and even broadcasting them on a television channel specially dedicated to the Sakurada family, she knows that if she becomes king, then all of the cameras must disappear.

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Teru Sakurada

Teru Sakurada is the eighth child and youngest son of the royal Sakurada family. Seeing how hard his other eight siblings work to the upcoming election to become the successor of their father, Teru decides to do his best to become the king as well.


The latest manga chapter synopsis for Castle Town Dandelion can be found here.

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Did you know that...
  • ... The nine Sakuraba siblings inherited their different hair- and eye colors from their uncles and aunts?
  • ... Akane and Aoi were presumably named after their hair and eye color (with their names meaning red and blue, respectively)?
  • ... Kanade has as much money as the country's savings?
  • ... Haruka is older than Misaki in the manga, but not in the anime?
  • ... Misaki's clones represent the seven deadly sins, as well as different aspects of her personality?
  • ... Akane was supposed to have shorter hair and twin tails?
  • ... Shuu prefers twin-tailed girls?
  • ... The King, Souichirou, is one year younger than his wife, Satsuki?
  • ... Hana is older than Kanade?
  • ... Hikari's idol-alias "Light Sakuraba" is a pun on her own name, as "Hikari" is the Japanese word for "Light"?
  • ... Aoi has two falsely announced powers and one true power?
  • ... The Sakurada family's pet cat Borscht is named after a soup of the same name?