Kanna Shinonome (東雲 神奈, Shinonome Kanna?) is the younger brother of Satsuki Sakurada, as well as the uncle to the nine Sakurada siblings. He is a minor character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Kanna is a man with light purple eyes. He has neck-length dark-purple hair which sticks out at the sides with bangs framing his face and covering his forehead. His nephew Haruka inherited his uncle's purple hair, but in another shade.


As a teenager, Kanna had a very light-hearted personality and a calm demeanor. He always spoke politely and was a very kind and caring boy. He would also help in the household with his older siblings and look after his younger siblings, though he declined to help with his younger brother Mutski with his homework once.

Though it is unknown how his personality is as an adult, it is presumed that he retained his personality as a teenager, as he greeted his family with a happy reaction.


Kanna is the first son and the second child born to Daigorou Shinonome and Chieko Shinonome. He is the younger brother of Satsuki Sakurada. When Satsuki first brought her future husband Souichirou Sakurada home, Kanna was seen being very surprised. However, he was very polite and nice to Souichirou and welcomed him to stay for dinner. The siblings and Souichirou then had dinner. Thereafter, Mutski suggested that they should play some cards, even though he had homework. When asking for help from Kanna, he declined.

At an unknown time in his life, Kanna married an unnamed woman and had children with her.


Kanna family

Kanna with his family.

Mutski explained that Kanna was supposed to arrive at the Shinonome Household for New Years the day after. However, Kanna and his family arrived just a while later, as they had finished up earlier.


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