Mina Shinonome (東雲 皆, Shinonome Mina?) is the younger sister of Satsuki Sakurada as well as the aunt of the nine Sakurada siblings. She is a minor character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Mina is a youthful-looking woman in her late twenties with average build and height, with her nieces Kanade and Shiori Sakurada resembling her. Mina has short, purple-colored bobbed hair and dark violet eyes.


As a child, Mina was curious. Much like Shiori, she was very polite, quiet, caring and kind, even offering to help her older brother Mutski Shinonome to help with his homework. She also seemed to be quite independent, often helping her older sister cooking when her parents were out working.

As an adult, Mina has matured. After meeting Kanade after a long time, she asked if she had gotten bigger, but she meant her chest and not growth. She also dislikes being called auntie because she's still in her twenties, but her father claims that she is in her thirties and wants her to hurry up and get married. Due to this, Mina thinks that late marriage is all the rage in this generation.


Mina younger

Mina as a child.

Mina Shinonome is the youngest child born to Daigorou Shinonome and Chieko Shinonome, and the younger sister to Satsuki Sakurada. The first day Satsuki met her future husband Souichirou Sakurada, Satsuki invited him to her home, where he met Satsuki's siblings. When reading Mina's and Mutski's emotions, he described them as having interest, curiosity, and anticipation. The six later had dinner together.


Mina was first seen when the Sakurada family decided to visit Daigorou and the rest of the Shinonome family. Upon seeing her niece Kanade, she immediately noticed the growth of her chest and questioned her about it, with Kanade thinking she was talking about their heights.


Mutski Shinonome

As children, Mutski and Mina had a very close relationship. Mina seemed to be quite attached and fond of her older brother, as they were often seen by each other's side. She wanted to help her brother as much as possible and was very considerate of him. It is unknown how their relationship is as adults, however.

Her sisters

Mina had a close relationship with her sisters and would often help them out with cooking and other things to help in the household when their parents were out working. She especially also liked Satsuki's cooking.

Kanade Sakurada

Kanade is Mina's niece. Upon seeing her, Mina immediately questioned if she had gotten "bigger" again, with Kanade thinking about their heights. In reality, she meant Kanade's chest, suggesting that Mina may be envious of Kanade's figure. She also doesn't like Kanade (or someone else) calling her aunt and was seen being very upset about being called by that title.


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