Shaura (シャウラ, Shaura?) is one of Misaki's clones, being the clone of lust and part of her power All for One. She is a supporting character in the Joukamachi no Dandelion series.


Shaura has long, unruly pink hair that mostly spills in front of her shoulders, and she has the same clothing as Misaki. Shaura has purplish-pink eyes and is occasionally seen with a blush on her face.


As the clone of lust, Shaura is very open about what she wants, often wanting to be very close to others or flirt with them. She's also shown to have great patience, kindness and a willingness to help others, even if her ways are a bit strong and not the best for a given situation. This friendliness and patience makes her a good choice to aid the tea ceremony club.


When Misaki was born, all of her clones, including Shaura, were born along with her. Since a young age, Misaki could control her power where Shaura along with the other clones were acknowledged for excelling at their own skills.


Shaura is, as a part of Misaki, a teenage girl who is the clone of lust. Though she isn't part of any club, Shaura often aids the tea ceremony club, helping to serve tea. Misaki also accepts this, since she handles her clones schedules. When the royal campaign started, Misaki's clones are brought out more often. Though Shaura does participate in Misaki's discussions, she tends to just wanna cuddle or flirt with other people in the room. However, when Misaki really needs help, Shaura will try to help her along with the other clones.

After Shuu got elected as the new king, Misaki became the student council president with her clones helping her along with Haruka as their secretary.




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